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P38J Lockheed Lightning

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I'll throw my hat into the ring and build a P38J Lockheed Lightning clothed in a full suit of D-Day stripes!





A little-known role of the P-38 in the European theater was that of fighter-bomber during the invasion of Normandy and the Allied advance across France into Germany. Assigned to the IX Tactical Air Command, the 370th Fighter Group and its P-38s initially flew missions from England, dive-bombing radar installations, enemy armor, troop concentrations, and flak towers.[62] The 370th's group commander Howard F. Nichols and a squadron of his P-38 Lightnings attacked Field Marshal Günther von Kluge's headquarters in July 1944; Nichols himself skipped a 500 lb (227 kg) bomb through the front door.[63] The 370th later operated from Cardonville France, flying ground attack missions against gun emplacements, troops, supply dumps and tanks near Saint-Lô in July and in the Falaise-Argentan area in August 1944.[62] The 370th participated in ground attack missions across Europe until February 1945 when the unit changed over to the P-51 Mustang.

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I thought about doing a tank or some sort of armor and since there is lots of time I may expand my horizons!


For sure thats a great idea!! and if you love weathering, an armor is an paradise.

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Love to see what you do with this Ralph. The P-38 is my all time favorite aircraft. I plan to do one myself, someday........ :unsure:

 Mine too. I'm looking forward to building it. I will order seat-belts, remove before flight streamers, photo-etching instruments for the cockpit and decals when the time comes. So it should look really cool once finished!

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