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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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Hi all,

Here is the completed Tempest which as a sample was reviewed by Jeroen Peters and me

Here on LSM ( and LSP) Last year. Although a great kit, it gave me fits sometimes because of il- fitting

Parts such as the cockpit and the canopy. Nothing that couldn't be solved though. The result

is a very good representation of Hawkers finest. Apart from the wheels, which were replaced

By Barracuda items, the kit was built from the box.


You can find the work in progress here:



Hope you like it. I know I do.















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Thanks Ralph,

Actually the Revell Typhoon is next in line. Always wanted the classic Hawker trio Sea Fury, Tempest

And Typhoon. I have two out of three now. Perhaps the Hurricane should join them too.



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Love it! I wish I had chance to see this when I visited Holland.


Now, are you going to do the Special Hobby kit too? ;)


Don't know, the Mk II I always liked. We'll see. Perhaps we can do a similar review as this one

To compare.


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