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Airfix Typhoon?


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Mines just landed at Arrow Wolf... I should have it next week sometime. I think Jims got a sample sitting at home too.


But yes sounds like there is major issues with the canopy.

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As the kit is out, any views on it?

I have seen many stories about cracked/flawed canopies. It is not available yet over here (wet Holland).


Hi Cees, both of my kits have faulty canopies, both are cracked where the canopy attaches to the sprue and both have a distorted dimple in the back part of the canopy, here's a photo of the crack.


The distorted part is a bit more difficult to photograph, but here is an attempt.






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i have ordered two typhoons,  the second one arrived today, and both sets have a crack in the canopy in the same place where it is attached to the sprue

seems to be a production flaw.

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I have the book on the Spit and the Mustang. I regard them as nice books to browse but I didn't find anything that would bring my model to a next level. I will not be buying the Tiffie-book from ADH, unless it's in the 5 GBP-box of a book seller... Just my personal opinion, of course!


If you see what build time the builder(s) had from getting the preproduction kits to the publishing date, it's easy to see that they can't possibly do a detailing job like some world renowned modellers do that spend 1-2 years building a Tamiya Tomcat or F-15E... It might whet your appetite to see how Brett Green et al. build paint and weather the basic kit. I'm sure it's very pretty to look at. Only, if I look at your standards of building and finishing models, Dave, I don't think you'll learn anything new... ;)

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Exactly - is there going to be anything in the book that won't be on the forums and better and in more detail and by people who know more about the typhoon and whom you can ask questions etc etc??


If the answer to any of those questions is yes, or if you absolutely must have a walk through guide ASAP, then fair enough


But personally I'll give it a miss

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The book.


No I dont believe anyone, in this forum at least, will require the book.  That said it is a nice book as i like any book, except romance novels, that has airplanes in it.  I am always in search of tips though, so I guess like any other modeler , maybe, if I can find one tip that makes my builds nicer and possibly easier then I find it worth it as I have A LOT to learn!


Hoping to buy my LARGE TYPHOON soon.  Hey that rhymed. 

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I have sent an e-mail to Airfix about the cracks in the cockpit, received a message that the replacement parts are already sent to my home address.They sure live up to their

high standards i must say. They promised that the new parts are without problems and the production of the clear parts has been changed so this should be solved.


( So now it is on to the build of the Tiffy, can't wait to start)

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