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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

The Eindecker GB Judge's Choice


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Well, with only three completed builds to consider, I - as judge, jury and executioner - have a 33.33% chance of getting it right OR a 66.66% chance of regally peeing off someone!


Taking everything into account, I believe each finalists deserves to win the discount voucher on offer - therefore I declare ALL THREE as WINNERS :)


Congratulations to Jonathan Reed, Jim Hatch AND Jeroen Peters ! All three produced such beautiful Eindeckers making it impossible to choose between them and I hope they will enjoy their prize.


HGW and Arrow Wolf are delighted to have been part of this superb Group Build and special mention should go to Francisco for organising a great competition.


PM's will be sent to the lucky winners with the discount voucher code to claim their prize!!

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As you all know, WnW and The fusilier also have prizes to the winner.

So with Grant agreement, I decided to award the prize to the Fusilier  to  Jonathan Reed and inform WnW about the winner.



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