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Best glue for sandwich IPs?


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Hi All


Sorry for another newbie type question, but I'm getting on with the cockpit for my Syrian Mig-23 MF and I've reached a bit of conundrum. It's the first time I've used an Aires resin cockpit and I'm unsure about the best adhesive to use for bonding the film to the photo-etch and then this assembly to the resin. I was thinking of using PVA type adhesive for the film/photo-etch bond but not sure if that has enough hold?


All advice gratefully received. If I get this solved I should have enough to start some WIP photos.





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Thanks for the advice guys. Can I just confirm that what is marketed as Future in the US, etc is the SC Johnson product known as Klear floor wax in the UK?

I've also found a jar of something called Humbrol Clearfix in a box of stuff I got from a neighbour who used to model, would that also work?



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