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Bolton IPMS show


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Hi All


For the last 15 years IPMS Bolton has endeavoured to put on a model show in January and we've only ever had to cancel once due to weather - not bad eh!?


Yesterday IPMS Bolton did it again and put on what was probably our best Show to date. Now my reason to mention all this is not to brag but to take the opportunity to thank one of LSMs stalwarts, our very own - "I'll have a glass of red" James Hatch!! Not only did he put 2 superb models on display, namely the Do.335 and the Arado 234 - both of which are stunning examples of our hobby, but he supported Bolton IPMS by providing a number of quite valuable kits which we were able to give as prizes to our contest winners.


I've been asked by our Club members to publicly thank Jim for his support and trust it will continue!


Thanks Jim, you are a star!!




Steve S, Treasurer Bolton IPMS.

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Being Treasurer I've got to say that I didn't have too much of an opportunity to actually go around the hall looking at what was on offer. However i know a few people who may well have taken a few piccies so I'll see what i can 'scare up' - got to keep the peasants happy!!



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