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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Revell new tool Spitfire Mk2


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As I suggested this group build in the first place, I thought I'd better at least make a contribution. I am currently building Dragons P51K for another site


And am bogged down a bit with this horrible kit, so starting this one will hopefully be a breath of fresh air for me.


I have purchased the Barracudacast cockpit, wing and wheel sets, but decided to try and improve the seat, scratch the seat armour and alter the cockpit door myself. This is the fruit of my efforts so far. I need to purchase some more miliput to modify the seat cushion as my pack had dried up since last usage.






I'm not too bothered about the accuracy of the lower part of the armour plate as it just won't be seen. I removed the crowbar and some extraneous detail from the cockpit door with my micro chisel. It still needs a bit of work to smooth it off a bit. I also drilled out the lightening holes in the seat brackets.

It's a small start but at least it's a start!

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Added some detail to the cockpit in the form of the Barracuda cast upgrades and some scratch built ribs, boxes etc. Still need to add wiring, hydraulic and oxygen lines.












For the seat, I filled the kit detail on the backrest cushion and then scribed lines to more accurately depict the war-time back rest. I added some 'piping' from rod and cut out the slot in the back of the seat.



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Hi Tim,

the cockpit definitely needs the extra work doing on it and the seat back is soooo wrong. The kit is cheap though which allows one to splurge on the necessary upgrades from Barracudacast. I got the wheels, wing correction and cockpit set, which I would consider compulsory purchases. I wish I could have afforded the Barracudacast seat too, but thought I would have a crack at modifying the kit part myself. The spinner is a bit pointy but this can also be improved with a sanding stick. I'm enjoying building it and doing the little improvements myself and hell, anything is better than the Dragon P-51! Just need to decide on which scheme to finish it in.

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Added some wiring / pipework and then shot the interior with some cockpit grey/green. Then picked out the detail with Tamiya acrylics and Humbrol enamel. I used a fifty-fifty mix of Future and water with a drop of black as a wash. I really like the way this works and it gives a gloss finish for the Barracuda cockpit decals which were applied next. I used these on my Mustang and they really liven up the office.




The instrument panel was painted black and then dry brushed with RLM 02 enamel. I used a combination of the kit dials (punched out of the IP decal) and the Barracuda sheet. Some of the smaller dials were missing so I used Airscale decals for these (actually 1/48).




The seat was sprayed with Hull red and the backrest semi gloss black. I made a harness from lead sheet and some spare bits of modified P.E. This should look OK when painted.






I assembled the Barracudacast control column complete with supplied wiring.


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Fuselage halves are together.






I found it to be a tight squeeze to get everything inserted in the right place and had to resort to filing away some of the plastic around the IP. I did deviate from the instructions and attach the sidewalls to the fuselage halves rather than build a tub. Maybe this caused my problem.


Next task is to prepare the lower wing to receive the Barracudacast intakes.

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Onto the wings. I am adding the Barracudacast wing improvement set, so some surgery was necessary in order to attach the resin parts. To fit the new radiator, a section of the lower wing needs to be removed and the instructions guide you through what needs doing.

I began by scribing the front and rear cut lines according to the instructions and then drilled holes around the perimeter of the area to be removed.




I then hacked out the plastic using a blade and some cutters.




All was then tidied up using a blade and some sanding sticks while test fitting the resin part






The fairing was then test fitted.




I found the fit of the resin parts is good.


I now need to do the same for the replacement oil cooler.

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I used this set in my build too, the only thing is that the watercooler has the wrong shape in my opinion because it is basically the Revell shaped thing with just a deeper intake and it still fancys the backwards shaped intake lip as seen from the side and it should be straight up with no angle to the back.
I rectified this in my build, the oil cooler is also a little short and should be against the wheel bay...

But anyway i will follow yours.


Best regards ,  Jan

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  • 4 weeks later...

Making slow progress with this due to a life full of 'other stuff to do'. But now it actually looks like a Spitfire!




Added the Barracudacast oil cooler. The fit on this was not as good as the radiator, being a bit loose and vague.  I followed the instructions carefully for the cut out in the wing but it just sits a bit loose to get a positive location. I added the rear section first before attaching the front. The wings build up OK, and fit very well to the fuselage with some minor fettling, but the rear, lower, inboard section where the flaps are located is very fragile and easily broken (I did). I wanted the flaps in the 'up' position but they don't seem to fit properly without surgery. I removed some material from the wing and sanded down the inner detail on the flap to get them to fit. Again these are fragile parts and I managed to snap one of them in half by sanding a bit too vigorously. I followed the instructions for the Barracudacast ailerons and chamfered the attachment points on the wing whilst test fitting. These were attached with super glue. The various intakes and bumps around the cowl were then stuck on. Hope to get the seams done and some paint on soon. Still undecided on the scheme but hope to cut masks for the squadron codes.

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