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Savoia Marchetti SM 79 wreckage

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Hi there,


Last year I started building the German SD Kfz 223 recon car.

I was looking for vignette & dio ideas and came across a very nice & well known pic of a Savoia Marchetti SM 79 wreckage.




Awesome object (imho) but scratching this one from Evergreen rod would be quite insane so I decided to model & print it in 3D.

After googling some blueprints I started to "trace" the wireframes.




Final 3D model & printed parts.













Since the tail is very symmetrical 3D modelling was an easy ride for me and took me around 10 hours.


This tailpart is very eyecatching and fighting for attention with the SD Kfz 223 so I decided to replace the recon car with a Lion Roar (87238472374 parts) BMW R75 and staged the scene like this:




A motorcyclist next to the BMW will be looking at the wreckage.

Scale is in 1/35.


Just putted some first layers of paint on and it's now ready for pigments, small rocks/pebbles, dry weed etc....




Hope you like it so far & thnx for stopping by.










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Did you have to do a lot of smooth sanding on the tubular frame?


Just hope you get this done before Eindhoven. Would love to see it up close...


Thnx for sharing this here!!




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As always a very creative input by yours, Marcel. I'm following your works on FB for some time now and your work impresses me again and again.


Can you recommend a provider of 3d prints and a construction software? I think the proper shipping of such delicate parts isn't easy. Have to admit that I'm still a bit sceptical regarding the interactions that may occur between the print material and the primers/colors/weathering materials we modellers use to throw on them.


Anyway, have fun with this one!

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Thnx Torben for your flattering words.


I use 3D studio max to model the 3D models.

Since I'm a 2D & 3D graphics designer 3D Studio max is one of my main applications but there are loads of 3D model applications on the market.

Blender is by far the best free 3D software and you can download it right away.


There are a couple of 3D printing companies and my stuff was done by Shapeways.

Don't worry about shipping of fragile parts; those guys are professionals in printing & delivering 3D stuff.


Right now there are a couple of 3D printing techniques.

The one Shapeways uses leaves very tiny printing lines behind but this depends on the printing materials.

The technique *Northstar Models is using for their 3D printed models is much more accurate and preferable but is not very "suitable" for the consumer market I suppose since all the consumer 3D printers don't use the technique North Start uses.

(You have to google why, I'm not that much into 3D printing technique, I'm an artist you know.  B) )

*Check those North Star 3D printed 1/350 scale figs:




So if you want to learn 3D modelling & printing have a go.

It's not an easy ride in the beginning (3D modelling) but it could pay off for custom & unique stuff.



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Thanks for your detailed explanation, Marcel. I've worked with 3d modeling software during my engineering studies, but I think CATIA would be a bit overdone for this purpose - lol!

I'll try Blender, again thanks for the hint.

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