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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

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Hasegawa's 1:32 P47D Jug for this double build.  Russian 255 IAP, Northern Fleet  and "Slick Chick" 368FG/395FS.  The Russian Jug will get the PE treatment/wheels/blast tubes while Slick Chick will be OOB with exception of belts/wheels/blast tubes.


Aftermarket items include:

Eduard Big Ed for the Russian Jug

HGW Belts for Russian Jug

Eduard Belts for Slick Chick

Barracuda Wheel set for both Jugs

Hasegawa brass Blast Tubes for both Jugs

AML decals for Russian Jug

Kits World decals for Slick Chick









General fit seems pretty good with no issues projected on seams, wing roots...however





about 1mm difference between lower cowling and fuselage.  i have a plan...





Eduard PE for the Russian Jug pit...



A nice comparison of the Eduard PE enhanced cockpit on left with HGW textile seatbelts for the Russian Jug and Out Of Box construction of cockpit for Slick Chick with only enhancement being the PE seatbelts, will give the pits and belts a drk brown/black wash...



Ready for some assembly line painting. Wheel wells, cowlings and PW-R2800 being cleaned and prepped for painting...

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Taking the kit supplied bombs and giving them the Eduard PE Treatment.  These will be mounted on "Slick Chick", will also mount bazookas borrowed from my Trumpy P47N.




500lb GP bomb.  Left - out of box kit bomb.  Right - PE (brass) fins and front/rear fuse added, also painted with Mr Surfacer 500 then stippled with short brush for texture...



Fuse detail.  Left - brass PE fuse added, Right - bomb is kit Out Of Box...



Rear view with new fins and fuse, the fin is one piece folded over a dozen times...



Detail is much improved...



Textured surface (left bomb) will show up better when painted...

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Awesome work so far Rick! Bet Doogs will love this. This is going to be a nice set of Jugs when complete.

oh! for sure Doogs is watching between feeding and changes.  thanks KoJo


Hi Rick.

That's a nice start on this double build.



thanks Jamme!


Ah Thats better! I can see them!


Looking great Rick!


Hmmm... That Cowl! What about adding a shim to the cowl to lengthen it?

thought about that, will just lower the cowl/engine mount about 1mm.


Wow, you've been busy - looking great! Will be following these with great interest. Too bad one can't get Tamiya's 1:48 Jugs' quality in these kits. No fit issues in those.

thanks Vivian, for sure on the Tamiya 1:48.  I feel it's juts a matter of time for Tamiya to roll out a 1:32 Jug.


This should be interesting to follow! Looking forward to your cowl fix, as I plan to build this kit someday :)



will be posting how I lower the cowl/engine mount soon.  it's not a bad kit with exception of the cowl/engine fit.


Nice set of jugs? Where!



Way ta go Rick, great start and I just know your ganna put your special mark on these pair ;-)

thanks Martin.  always nice leaving a special mark on a pair of Jugs.

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(well almost)


The Russian Jug pit will get the full Eduard PE treatment with the HGW Textile belts being swapped out for the PE belts.  "Slick Chick" will benefit with the PE belts.



left pit is the Russian Jug, all Eduard PE with exception of the HGW belts.  "Slick Chick" pit is out of box with Eduard PE belts added and detail picked out with Vallejo paints.  The IP decal required about 6 coats of Mr. Mark Softer to get settled nicely.  Some dry brushing with flat silver followed by a thinned wash of brown with touch of black applied globally then dials were all hit with a drop Vallejo's Still Water...



Gunsight glass on "Slick Chick" (left) will be replaced with clear sheet styrene...



Pits test fitted.  The Russian Jug may have the right belt draped over pit edge, not sure yet.  That hideous thick gunsight is gone...










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Great looking pits ! And VERY good start on the bombs !.Your work on the gunsight hurts my eyes. Looking good...........Harv

thanks Harv.  I think your eyes are still spinning from your awesome work on the P38M... :)


I like jugs




Stunning work on the bombs and pit!

thanks KoJo!

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Fantastic Rick! Those 500 pounders with the PE look fantastic!

thanks Dave...working with PE is such a love/hate kinda thing. 


I am convinced taking drafting classes in high school (think sheet metal drawings) has helped me considerably working and bending PE.  I had aspirations to be an Industrial Arts teacher


Everything looks great, Rick, really nice work so far!

thanks Mike!

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and the fun continues



During test fit a glaring issue was the poor fit of the cowling.  Basically it is the complete engine/cowling fitting on the fuselage mount.


off by about 1mm




carefully removing the engine mount after fuselage is glued and cured, the one piece canopy (I'm using the two piece option for both final builds) is very handy to protect the pit during surgery...



using 1.6mm styrene angle 3 pieces are cut and glued, port and starboard sides are easy to position however, the critical bottom piece is dropped 1mm.



initial test fit (with complete engine parts) shows an acceptable fit...



a final test fit of engine mount then...



add a .05mm styrene card placed to recapture space lost from the "saw off" and give the repositioned engine mount some glue area...



engine mount positioned and glued...



styrene card shows "saw off" recovery...



and the final fit is good...



finish and repeat on 2nd Jug....

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Well done! May these be less painful for you than my Trumpy!

Your Trumpy adventures scared the hell out of me!  I am seriously considering listing my Trumpy Jugs and balance of my Hag Jugs on eBay.  I predict a TamyJug in less than 2 years!


Masking Question:

Did the Eduard wheel masks work on the Cuda Jug wheels?

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