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Gi Guys,


It has been a while sins I have been on the site. But I am to restart my conversion of the Hasegawa Fw-190 D-9 into a D-11 with a Renaissance conversion for a D-13. I was building this in the Arrow Wolf'sFocke Wulf GB in 2013/2014.

When I was doing a Fw-190 A5 on a other site did I came across this model again.

So I picked this one up as well and do a duo build there. I will start here the update as well.


Here are some pictures of the model how she was before the restart.


the box.


The decals from Eaglecals


The Renaissance conversion set.



And some pictures of the old build.









And now the pictures of what has been done last week.

I painted the cockpit tub.



What a great looking set is this from MDC.


The tub was put into the fuselage. The seat still needs to be done.But I will do that later.

After the tube was placed wasit time to cleane up all the seams on the wings and the tail. 

That done was it time to mate the wing to the fuselage.




That is it for now. I hope to set further next week.



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Again it took me some time to move on with this one. 


I have finished the cockpit with the seat and I have also closed the conopy.

Here is a picture of the model before I started painting. There is still some tape to keep the canopy in place while the glue is drying.



And here after I have painted the model on the underside white. As you can see I have already placed the masking tapes for the stripping.



Finally the red has gone on today. Here is she after removing the tape.



I hope to do the other colours this weekend.



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I have finally finished the painting last weekend. Here are some pictures.

I first did the RLM 76.


And finally the two top colours. I used Gunze for this. The colours are for the grey RLM 75 and for the green RLM 81.

I painted them free hand.




Now it needs a Klear coat for the decals.



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Hi Jeroen,


I used Gunze (waterbased) paint for the colours. These were thinned with some Tamiya acrilyc thinner (X-20A).

The airbrush I used was my trusted Evolution with a 0.3 needle and head.



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Finally a update. Last week I have been doing the decals, panel lines and a dull coat.  


Here are some pictures. 


The underside.




The top side.




That is it for now.


I hope to do some more work on her next week and finish it.



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