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Hasegawa Fw190A-8/R2

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Well, the kit's not made of resin itself, but a good portion of the contents will be...

Standard Hasegawa kit, with added Eduard BMW801 radial engine, Eagle Editions Cockpit and wheels, Henri Daehne spinner and propeller set, and possibly some other assorted parts from the Aires D-9 super set. I had always wondered why no-one had bothered with an engine set for this kit, so now I guess we'll see if the Eduard motor will fit (my initial measurements say it will).

Work has commenced with the wing panel inserts for the gun covers, and about a half-hour's worth of rivets in the same area.


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4 hours ago, James H said:

The BMW does fit the Revell kit superbly, as Paolo Portuesi did a build on FB, so I hope all goes well for the Hasegawa.

Saw that, great build...

The cowl panels will be left open, length-wise at the business end the Hasegawa and Revell kits agree, but there's a millimetre width difference at the top of the firewall... the Hasegawa is slightly wider here and the error runs the length of the fuselage down to the tail. It's hardly noticeable (I've never seen it mentioned elsewhere in the decade or more the kit's been out) but you'll see it if the Eduard cowls are buttoned up on the Hasegawa. 

But still, to put that gorgeous Eduard motor in and close it up would be criminal. 


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Anyone else hate adding rivets...?


So it's on to the resin components. This is the Eduard engine crankcase, removed from it's casting block and with a couple of ancillary parts also added. Painted with an undercoat of Tamiya AS12 spray Silver, it looks very bright at the minute but this will be the base for an overcoat of half Tamiya acrylic Black paint and half Black watercolour pencil mix, which will hopefully buff off to show highlights of Silver underneath. 


Shown in the top photo is the equivalent Hasegawa part, and the difference in detail that the resin allows is pretty amazing.




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