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RAAF Kingfisher

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This is the Kittyhawk Kingfisher converted to an RAAF aircraft by deleating the hole in the front windshield, adding a ring and bead sight, adding sway braces to the bomb racks, adding an extra strake to the main float and modifying the water rudder linkage.

This kit gets some bad press which I generally agree with however nothing that can prevent a nice result.

Painted in Alclad and AK Extreme  Metal.







The photos were taken by my mate Eric G

Cheers for looking!

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23 hours ago, BevanBrooks said:

Nice one Brent, saw this one over on LSP. Taking it to Expo this year? Haven't  got anything at the mo to put up in the catagory!


Cheers Bevan

Yep Bevan, look forward to seeing you there! I think Eric's Demon will be hard to beat though.


14 hours ago, ophthoidoug said:

Really nice!!

Would love to see any in-progress build pics & hear more specifics about probs with this kit. Its on my list but not yet in my stash...

Hi mate, check out Large Scale Planes, go to "Works in Progress" and enter Kingfisher in the search box, she is there worts and all!

Thanks for the nice comments guys.



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