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The Big Bird… WnW 1:32 Gotha Updated with more pics

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Well guys, this is the last 1:32 model I currently have in my collection: the WnW Gotha. It was my first ever biplane in this scale, and it was my first ever WnW model so this is a bit special for me. I build it some two years ago and remember that I was so impressed with all that detail. I wanted to do this version of the plane and weather the whites lightly and the engines more heavily… they have this beautiful industrial look. Of course, two years later I would do a lot of things differently but I'm still glad with how she turned out. Hope you like the pics, all comments welcome as usual. Happy modeling, Jeroen


PS: I started work on the Hisso and will soon be posting the first WIP's on the appropriate forum.





















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Just a word or three ... Stunning, Stunning, Stunning !!


I love this one, you've achieved a certain authenticity which in a scale such as this is beyond difficult.  There's a fine line between authenticity and fake.  You've trod that line without deviating superbly.



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Two years? It isn't that long on the market, is it? I thought it's only been a year or so... I must be getting old...Anyway, looks like a really nice clean build. Weathering is just right to my taste! My compliments!




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