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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×


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Well, I finally think I have it ready.

The process began by cleaning the model with caustic soda.

I continue with a try paint tests to imitate an abandoned tank in the desert.

He continued with me hooked and hours of tests and layers of paint to finally get here.









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Welcome to LSM and what a start that is. Your Challenger obviously lost the challenge to the harsh desert surroundings. Nice effects and not too subtle :D. That would be a good neighbour to my recently presented burned out T-55 Enigma.

Cheers Rob

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OMG.... it's one of the most life like dioramas I have seen.Intially I thought it was a 1:1scale photo I was looking at.

SPECTACULAR build and a STUNNING representation of an abandoned  Armor with  beautiful weathering and broken bits. 

Love the groundwork..stones at al are AMAZING..

A real Winner....:wub::omg::unworthy:



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