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Might I suggest our own Würger Party?


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They’ve been successful elsewhere when tried, and everyone loves a Wurger.

I’d suggest anything from the A-0 up through all variants to the last of the Ta-152s.  I’d even say include the US built version of the Würger, the F8F Bearcat.

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Just now, Clunkmeister said:

Ya gotta choose wisely. As long as you get a kit that effortlessly falls together like the PCM 190A, what could possibly go wrong?


Herr Hatala talked me out of buying one, said it was caca

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I did a PCM A-1 kit a few years ago. It wasn’t so bad. Wing roots are iffy, that’s all.  Plus, you need to FIT the resin goodies. Nothing bad, just some sand, fill and putty. Miles easier than a full resin kit.

The engine insert is hinky, but just sand the edges. You can’t see past the spinner and cooling fan anyway, so no harm no foul.

I like Hasegawa after I borked the finish on a multi year pet project. They make me look and feel halfway competent. 

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