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Chattanooga 2019 convention


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So  I am booked into Marriott. 

My dates are from 3rd August to 9th August .... tried 6th to 10th but no availibility  so had to go with 3rd to 9th ..

So I am coming it seems...  :rofl:

I know you said Marriott was sold out but there are still rooms available{or there were at 01.10am MY time}.


WOO HOO... whoopedoo... only 2 minutes to the Convention center... not bad .... I am going to Chattanooga.... can't wait... Better get the coffers filled up with  Dubloons to pay for it all !!!

see ya Smitty... Harv and Bev... Cupcake and Joy.. and Mike.... and the rest of the gang....


MARU 5137...:blink:   I mean  Sunshine....  :wub:

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