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MARU 5137

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Guys please check your FACEBOOK ACCOUNTS NOW.

Facebook security breach: Up to 50m accounts attacked - BBC News


Apparently the "view as" feature has allowed access to people's accounts to obtain personal details.... 


Thousands of people have had their personal details stolen.. might be a goid idea to disable your FB account... 

Even false details you put upon Facebook  CAN still yield REAL details! Trust ME .

Take care guys.

I don't and never have had a Facebook account or any other online banking accounts.Check yours is ALRIGHT etc.


MARU  5137.





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Thanks Maru, but...

There's nothing personal on my Facebook account that can't be found on other sites I visit such as this one. We never put birthdays or addresses on, and only post where we've been after we return.

Conversely; when my former Partner passed away, her Father quickly contacted our Insurance provider and managed to convince them that he was the Executor of the Estate and successfully got the cheque re-routed to his address... it was just lucky that someone at the company was diligent enough to call me to let me know. All he used was her name, address and D.O.B, and the charms of a Snake Oil Salesman; much less than would have been on a quarterly statement that someone might have pinched out of our letterbox.

So, there are much easier ways to get information on people if you set your mind to it.


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Strange...I always thought that the very concept of Facebook was to get freely your personal data, so that they could make money reselling what you had provided for free to whoever was interested...

So you mean that someone else than Facebook will do the same ? I understand why FB would be upset : losing revenue on their core shady dealings ...


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little by little , subtly , they take out money, use the details to apply for credit /debit cards in your name; they buy things using your details so YOU PAY  as if if YOU bought things. They take put small amount SO YOU FAIL TO NOTICE... .most  FOLKS DON'T REALLY LOOK AND READ THEIR STATEMENT BUT GLANCE AT IT  AND PUT IT ASIDE... that's what they do!


Checking your bank/savings account statements constantly will show if you have gotten any discrepancies in your transactions...  they could apply for loans and it would be your banking details. 

Here have a look...read and digest or keep for reference


6 Warning Signs Of Digital Identity Theft You Shouldn't Ignore




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Update October 12th.

I see that Facebook cannot be bothered to look after its clients.Typical of big conglomerate companies.

Ready to gobble up your subscription  but not protect you.

They,instead, direct the FB users to a help section  rather than protect them.





Facebook hack victims will not get ID theft protection - BBC News

MARU  5137.:police:

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Facebook was a cool idea at the time, but like most good ideas it has grown into a billion or multi billion dollar BUSINESS, and that is it's downfall.. in my eyes anyway......... money talks and B/S walks... its too bad, and why is there SO many predators out there these days?? On ALL levels.... here in Canada, the predators get away pretty much scott free as there is no real penalty for anything, or so it seems..., so yeah Maru, they don't care about their people, money, money, money............................... sigh................................................

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