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Lost Parts


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Hi Guys

Lost parts

Been trying to find bench time this time of the year and keep moving forward on my Corsair. Somehow, I've developed a good case of the 'drops' and have managed to loose three key parts: N12, N23, and K25. I called Tamiya Customer Service looking to purchase the complete frets with these parts (the  only way they are sold/replaced) and was told the frets are not in stock, they will need to be ordered and they might be in by mid January with no guarantee. I can proceed with the Corsair but once I reach the priming stage (not to far down the road) I'll be stuck in the mud. Not sure what to do and without knowing I'll have the parts to complete the Corsair, I've decided to just put her on hold and wait and see.

Peter :(


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17 minutes ago, Peterpools said:

Hi Harv

N12 assembly 90, and N23  assembly 89 are for the wind fold details page 37 and K25 is a tie down hook page 36 assembly 87



Hmmmm Peter. I have a bunch of parts left over from my builds. I'll check and see if I have what you need there butterfingers. LOL :)

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