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Look, Shiny! Er, Squirrel! Um, AMX-10 RCR

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So, after having gotten sucked into a Leopard C2 with way too much AM (Voyager PE, Legend resin bits, etc,) I decided to start something quick and easy.


Pretty much one colour, no AM, and a reasonably low parts count. I don't have too many pics as it just went together how I wanted. Nice and easy. 


The plastic is two colours for some reason but the fit is fairly decent overall. 


The smoke grenades are partially buried in the turret sides so those had to be painted before I glued the turret halves together.


Where I am as of last night. 


It's almost done except for the on vehicle tools, lights, and decals. 

I should have it done shortly I hope.


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9 minutes ago, harv said:

Wow. Nice and fast ! Looks cool.....harvv

Thanks, it really has gone together nicely. The suspension was only six parts to a side. The hull was just a top and bottom. Nice and simple.

It definitely looks cool and has a sci-fi vibe to it.


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On 12/16/2018 at 8:31 PM, Peterpools said:


Super impressive and I can't even say what a start and this baby is almost together and ready for the paint shop. Sure looks good.

Keep 'em comin

Peter :popcorn:

Thanks Peter. This was my first kit from Tiger Models. They seem to have copied a bunch from Tamiya as far as construction and the layout of their instructions. That really made it an easy build. 

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