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Off topic.. a 1/1 Mosquito NZ restoration


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I guess this is the ultimate end hobby for some. This is the 3rd Ardmore workshop Mosquito restoration/rebuild being flown in NZ. Do you think Wingnut Wings will do a Mossie to accompany that anticipated detailed Lanc? Seems Avspecs have their hands on all those DH microfilm plans.


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The one WW2 aircraft that'd be PERFECT for Wingnut Wings would be the Vickers Wellington.   Designed by Sir. Barnes Wallis himself, so it continues (precedes, actually) the Dambusters theme, carries the name of the city Wingnuts is located in, and can you imagine that surface treatment done the Wingnuts way?  I'd be in happy happy land.

I can't see anyone else doing a Wellington, only Wingnut Wings. A truly underappreciated bomber which brought the war to the enemy in a big way until the Lanc and Halifax came on the scene. 

The Wellie is one of those rare aircraft that served on the front lines for the entire war, and just like the Liberator, was used for countless different missions, and performed admirably at them all.

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1 hour ago, Dave J said:

Personally, I would love to see a Wellington! But not till after a Sterling!

I’d agree on a Sterling, but a Wellington just makes sense....

If we got a Sterling, then a Hamilcar would be hopefully along soon. 

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