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Barker's Sopwith Camel 1:32 scale

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Hi all,
It's done, so I thought you might like to see my 16th 1:32 scale build - The Sopwith F1 ‘Camel’. This model represents the Sopwith F1 ‘Camel’, Serial No.B6313 (later modified version), as flown by Major William George ‘Billy’ Barker, CO of No.139 Squadron, RAF, based at Villaverla, Italy during August 1918. This model depicts the later version of B6313, when field modifications were carried out to introduce four cooling slots in the engine cowl, linen covering removed from the centre section of the upper wing and cockpit decking sides reduced or removed.
Modified or corrected:

‘Barracuda Studios’ Wicker Seat and cushion (BR32332).
‘HGW Models’ Sopwith Camel seat belts (132590).
Copper micro-tubes for fuel supply to engine, main and auxiliary fuel tanks, fuel contents indicator and fuel tank pressurization.
Brass micro-tubes for a pipe 4-way union, pipe connectors and fuel filter.
Lead wire for gun trigger cables and engine ‘blip’ switch.
Rigging wires with turnbuckles for cockpit side frame, under shield and floor bracing.
Flight control cables with turnbuckles for ailerons, rudder, elevator and tail skid.
Micro-tube for throttle control linkage.

External after market and additions:
‘Blackdog Models’ RFC Fighter Pilot 14-18 No.2 (F32014)
‘Copper State Models’ RFC Mechanic (F32-0026).  
‘Proper Plane’ wood propeller - Lang type (WP004).
‘Copper State Model’ Tools and Cans set (AE32-005).
‘Aviattic’ linen effect decal - Clear Doped Linen (ATT32094).
‘Aviattic’ linen effect decal - PC12 ‘Light’ RFC/RAF (ATT32092).
‘Xtradecal’ Parallel Stripes (White - XPS2 and Black - XPS1).
Various ‘Albion Alloy’ Micro-tube (Brass or Nickel Silver).
‘Steelon’ Mono-Filament 0.12mm diameter.
‘Stroft GTM’ Silicon-PTFE tempered monofil (Blue/Grey 0.08mm diameter).
‘RB Motion’ 0.51mm Aluminium hexagonal nuts (1279-A).
 ‘EZ Line’ white (heavy).
‘Polak’ grass mat (Wild Meadow (4706).
‘Inperspextive’ made acrylic display case.
Brushed silver, black printed - information plaques.

As usual I've created a downloadable build log in Adobe PDF format, for those who might want to refer to it for reference or build details. It contains full step by step descriptions of the model build, its modifications/changes and is also supported with illustrations and reference photographs and information. If viewed in Adobe Reader, each build log has book marked chapters/headings for easier navigation through the log.
My model website has the gallery page, so to view any model, go to the gallery and select it.  If it has a PDF build log, it will be available to download using the 'PDF' icon on that models photo's page. The gallery will scroll through the various photographs for any particular model selected for viewing.




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