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Travis AFB Airshow, t minus.... Right now!


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14 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

Who’s there this year, Smitty? Blues, T-Birds, Snowbirds?  Patriot Jet? Should be a great, and LOUD week.

Tbirds, Patriot Jet Team, F-22 Demo team, C-,17 Demo, A-10 Demo, Heritage Flight,,U-2 Dragon Lady Demo(contrary to popular belief these hall ass straight up), T-38's from Beale, but my favorite at Travis is watching the C-5M take off, land, and do some fly bye's. Something you don't see at every show. 

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On 3/24/2019 at 12:42 PM, smitty44 said:

People look at me funny when I am eye f@#*ing aircraft at shows, and taking pics like this observing the gun gas staining around the rivet heads on the aft end of the aircraft.


Good for you John and thanks for sharing :unworthy:

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Funny airshow story, my aviation nut brother and I used to be like the first ones in on opening day. Well one year there was a B-1 scheduled to be at the event...we even saw it fly over a day before. When we arrived we saw it on the apron...with the crew ladder down! Well what were 2 aviation enthusiasts supposed to do, just walk by it and guess what what the cockpit looked like....?

Not us, we both grabbed the ladder and climbed on up, only to find in horror that the pilot and copilot were in the front seats asking us why we thought it was OK to enter! Before we could answer they told us to look quickly and go away.


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  • smitty44 changed the title to Travis AFB Airshow, t minus.... Right now!

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