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How to cast resin parts.


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I need to duplicate a part I made.  I've never dont it and dont know where to start.  It's a simple shape and should be fairly easy.  What do I need to order and where would be a good place to order it to make the mold and then make resin copies?

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6 hours ago, Clunkmeister said:

Tony, there are videos on YouTube, and I buy casting resin right from Hobby Lobby. I’m not sure where to get the RTV solution for making a mold, though.

They have it at HL, but I bought mine through Amazon.







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I would recommend Smooth-On . They have smaller kits for silicone moulding and resin casting. 

Proven to be worth the money.

You'll need material for boxes , I used left over Sintra:



Moulds for 4 bladed 1/32 Gotha props and 1/8  Hillclimber wheels and hubs:







A tipor two ;

-Build your moulds and then fill them with water to estimate the volume for resin and silicone mixing.

-Mix the living pi$$ out of the silicone and the resin.

These items were done in metal , but the process is essentially the same.

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Casting simple objects is a relatively easy task once you become accustomed to the processes involved. 

Don't be too concerned about your early attempts not being perfect, as it's mostly trial and error at first. I would recommend starting with the Silicon or RTV side of things only until you can start to eliminate bubbles and cavities in simple one-piece moulds. Working quickly and mixing without too much aeration is vital for success and will become second nature. You can use basic household items like cups or small baking dishes to house your masters for mould making.


The kind of two-part moulds and air / fill channels shown by Steve above may seem more like a cross between Alchemy and the Dark Arts, but is not beyond the scope of mere Mortals with patience and practice.

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