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1/35 Italeri STAGHOUND Mark One

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Thank You Gas, this is the base coat for the vehicle itself, next step is going to be the dust and then, scuffs on tires.  And the last part are water/wet stains.  The vehicle seems to be relatively clean, so as the road. I also ordered metal barrels, so there will be some more detailing to come, but not much.

Thank You for your support.]Cheers



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5 hours ago, GazzaS said:

Oh...  And how do you get rid of the salt with all of those features?  I've only been bold enough to use salt on the wings of an aircraft thus far.

It is very easy process, simply steady flow of warm water in the kitchen sink washed it all off, just like that.

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Thanks for the pictures Steve, First picture is extremely powerful , but I can't reproduced crowded street. I am looking for something simple. A water break, soldiers buying local vine, fruit or services of the local leisure centre. 2 -3 figures at most.

Thanks Carl, I like that one that one as well. Also kids use to play this weird swing ball  game at the time.



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