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Greymatter 1/32nd scale FW-190D-13 Conversion


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I purchased a Greymatter 1/32nd scale FW-190D-13 through Ebay ($35 plus $7 shipping from UK) a couple weeks ago - although some of the parts were useable, the fuselage parts were not, as they were warped and too flimsy for use.  Sought replacements - or partial refund. Seller refused, after many excuses (and negative feedback on ebay).
Caveat emptor.
Best regards,
Paul in SF
Not the first time people have had problems with this vendor re this item:
viewtopic.php?f=149674&t=227626&p=22553 ... r#p2255384







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Did you buy direct from Grey Matter? I bought my P-40 parts directly from Grey matter on eBay and they were good quality.  I have seen a lot of pirate resin parts selling on eBay lately, I even bought some which turned out to be useable, but were not originals.


try contacting grey matter direct, if they are theirs and not pirated, maybe they will replace them for you, or maybe just sell you the two parts you need.

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1 hour ago, 1to1scale said:

Hi Martin -Thanks for your suggestion. Actually,  I purchased them directly from Greymatter on ebay and contacted them - other than the fuselage halves, the rest of the parts were ok.


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It's seems strange that they won't back the product, or that eBay won't step in given that it's a Business listing. The fuselage parts are clearly sub-standard both in casting fidelity and warpage, and are clearly not fit for purpose.

Perhaps they are at the end of the Mould life? Jerry Rutman's master work is usually first rate, so if they still hold those, as Graham says above it should be no great shakes to re-pop some new fuselage halves for you.

Warpage does and can happen. Just look to Harv's ZM Horton conversion build elsewhere on this site. I've had it happen with parts on an MDC all resin kit, so it's not just the smaller Garage producers but also the larger specialist makers where you find the isolated warpage or undershot parts. 

But they still should back up what they sell though...

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