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3 hours ago, [CAT]CplSlade said:

Usually they were limited to the 7.5cm Pak 40 and smaller, but the 251/4 variant was used with the leFH18 later in the war. The interior layout was different. Especially from the ones buildable from the kit.

Ok, so what would service the 10.5 as a prime mover? 

I’ve seen so many variations of the 251/4 that I’d almost wonder if it did everything. The Germans sure loved their half tracks. 

And sorry for the stupid questions. I know absolutely nothing about German armor and vehicles

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Are you saying you've seen variations of the 251/4, or just variants of the 251 in general? The /4 is a variant within the 251 series of vehicles, which runs up to around 22-24 types depending on sources.

Layouts changed according to the specific type, such as the /1 being the common infantry mover, the /2 being equipped with a mortar, /3 being a radio vehicle, /7 being the pionier wagon, /16 having flamethrowers, etc. The /4, which towed the leFH18 was modified for ammo storage and associated gear for the artillery piece and I believe the crew followed alongside in a standard 251/1.

Much of the time the leFH18 was towed by the SdKfz 10 or larger; also the Demag and even the RSO was used.

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15 minutes ago, [CAT]CplSlade said:

Not sure how the SdKfz 250 page at Tanks Encyclopedia will help with the 251, and sdkfz251.com is all photos of 251s with no text data.


The /4 was the only variant designated as an artillery hauler, and as far as I recall only AFV made that variant.

Well, what do I know............... I'm just an airplane guy............... I tried......................

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