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WnW salmson2-a2

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Well this is my WIP on here so hopefully y'all will enjoy it. So here is one of my latest project in my rotation of builds, It is the WnW salmson 2. I started this this a few weeks ago actually. So far I have about 28 hours into it. Needles to say the fit is very good so far. This will be my 14th wingnut kit I have done.


Cockpit is of course first up on the build, it is one of the more complicated 'pits i have done with all the wires and internal rigging...









fuselage sealed up this past weekend



engine shots





Engine test fitted to the fuse.








Mostly finished engine shot





Here is a teaser shot of my other concurrent project..



more to come soon...


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Thanks for the replies guys. Rob, the salmson isn't one of my favorites either but it such a cool model so I had to give it a try. I have several German wwi AC and one British AC so I figured i'd do a French one now to branch out lol.

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Well I had some more time to work on it and I made some more progress this past week--
















Again so far an over all great kit. It is been challenging to paint this one. Multiple colors to mix, masking etc.  and it's been one of the more challenging WnW kits i have done. The other is the Gotha GIV.  But it has been fun so far! Next are the wings and then the rigging on them. :o

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Got in some more bench time the last few days and I finished painting the wings and also did some touch up on the fuselage. 












The wings are on but no glued yet. I gotta do some rigging before I permanently attach them.. Still a fun build so far although I have to be careful with the tail plane assembly because its pretty fragile. The colors look  little funky as no rhyme or reason to the pattern, I guess I'm used to German WWI AC . :D 

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Awesome work, man!!  Wow. 

The rigging on these French planes always confounds me because the French seemed to love placing the upper and lower wings very close together, doubling up all the rigging, and adding plenty of junctures and hard spacers in-line with the rigging.   In the 1/32 scale it always seems just a bit too tight a space for my meathook hands. 

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Just a quick update, got the Salmson just about done only a few fiddly bits to do. I also lost the clear windscreens and am currently waiting on a replacement set from WnW to make to me to finish it off.

Not the best pic more to come when it is done


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