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I want to work on my models today, but crazy....

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Check this bizzare situation out.

I live in a small flat. The rent is cheap and my hospital is a 5 minute walk away. I am just a musician and am not rich. These flats aren't for the wealthy.

Last Saturday a nice young Chinese lass moved into the flat opposite my door. She seemed nice

 I gave her my card. If she had any question she could call. 

Monday morning I awoke to loud banging on my door.

She. "Did someone die in this flat?"

Me. "No, not that I know."

She. "I want the truth, I can't live here."

Me. "Have you called the real estate agent?"

She. "I want to move out.....

I try to assist her. She's totally freaking out. 

Long story short, she left. I ring the agent to find out what is happening after receiving a crazy tect from the woman asking me to call the agent (not my agent) to ask them to send a priest to cleanse the flat. Madness.

I awoke this morning to more knocking. She's not gonna leave me alone today, Sunday.

I don't want to deal with it. It is pissing down with rain. Really coming down. Perfrect day for modelling. I always have my door open for fresh air.

My options are, deal with a frantic nutter, go into the city to the model shop, maybe see a movie...

When speaking to Allan, the agent, he apologized for the trouble.

My response, "At least we're not married to her!"

My damned mother was insane. Crazy woman tried to strangle me when I was 12.

I get all the crazies!!!

After George Harrison was attacked, he said to Eric Idle, "Why doesn't this ever happen to the Rolling Stones?"

End rant. She inspired my current signature. 

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Thanks guys. As far as I can tell, she recently arrived from China. She is a stranger in a strange land. I have no desire to cause her any harm. My fault is I am a huge softie. I can envision my day, making cups of tea and being gentle.

I have  yet to see the latest Star wars movie. Of I go into the city I will spend money. And we all know if I go to Hobbyco there is bound to be so.e juicy models. (Plastic models. Unlike my youth when models were female and I was on TV so often)

I can always find a Korean restaurant and eat kimchi and drink Sohju. 

For crying out loud, knocking!!!!

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1 hour ago, Sir Desmond Glazebrook said:

After George Harrison was attacked, he said to Eric Idle, "Why doesn't this ever happen to the Rolling Stones?"

Possibly because the Rolling Stones would let them in. Crazy or not. 

However, this is definitely not a viable option if you don't have your own Security to turf them out afterwards.

59 minutes ago, krow113 said:

Answer the door naked.

Don't do this. This can and will be misconstrued as Sexual Harassment in Au. Then you get evicted, and she gets to annoy the next Tenant. 

Put a video on inside your flat on continuous loop of the movie "The Ring" or similar, so it's playing when she next comes to your door.

See if that helps

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2 hours ago, Wumm said:

Just re-read your post Dale...

How did she get your number to text you?

I gave her my business card when she moved in. I offered to help explain about the laundry, where to eat etc.

I escaped into town to Hobbyco. As you may imagine, I picked up soft sanding sticks, flat clear and 3 models. I bought the HKH Gloster meteor, 2 Hasegawa 1/24 formula one cars. I am now at the bar where my band plays. 

I will stay out until dinner. :thumbsup2:

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A crazy young woman. I reckon she will have left by now. The rain is pelting down. I will go to an Italian restaurant later. It is only 4.30 p.m. Sunday.

Life is good. I am very happy with my life. I am no longer touring in bands. I get to work on models. I have zero debt. I live very simply and play drums every day. I have no woman and don't want one. No point with a body that is 70% numb. All I need to do every day is a body check for injuries.

Life is good. :thumbsup2:

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44 minutes ago, [CAT]CplSlade said:

Gumboots look great with evening dresses, don't they?      :rolleyes:

That gig was unforgettable. 

A regional 4 night tour. 6000 + Kilometers. Three men in a van full of gear.

This gig was a Bachelor and Spinster's ball.

The town is a race course and a pub/General store. The gig is in a huge tent. During Smells like teen spirit, I saw a couple engaged behind my drum riser. At the far end of the tent two enormous fat women are mooning the room. (Imagine 2 giant light bulbs) a fight is engaging the bassist. The crowd is jumping around mindlessly drunk. 

I notice someone is jumping up and down on the tents roof. Right above the drunken dancers.

RIIIIIIPPPPPPP and gravity took hold of the trampoline loving dancer. He lands on the dancing mob.

So many gumboots!

That was just one song. :D

The pay? $280.00 cash in hand. We drove 8 hours to get there.


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