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Anyone know or have pics of a PZL P11c in more colourful markings than the plain boring khaki/light blue-gray ?

I was considering HN-NBN, a civilianised PZL P11 flown in Hungary between 1940 and 1944, but this is an «a » version, which would require butchering the IBG fuselage to be accurate (engine higher by 4 mm, cockpit moved forward by 9.5 mm, new fin and rudder, and overall length decreased by 6.3 mm, including by moving the engine slightly back. All doable, but a lot of work and possibilities to ruin the nice surface detail of the IBG kit, so a non-starter in the end ...

But this khaki is oh so boring :( 


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I think I found one ! 
In 1934, PZL attended the Paris Airshow with the prototype P11/IV, with the Mercury engine, in a show livery of white and red trim.

Hereafter are two pics, shown applying Fair Use principles. On the first pic, the P11 is in the back, whilst the P24 prototype is in the forefront.

Plus a link to the digital imaging forum Military-meshes.com, where a Polish member did 3D renderings.


And, also, for nostalgia’s sake for our friends who lived behind the Iron Curtain, an excerpt of a color profile published in Plany Modelarskie #91, in 1979. The colors are wrong, as the aircraft was white (logical to have a display Polish aircraft in Polish colors), but I am sure someone (Martinn ?) will have fond memories of these publications. The smell and touch of the paper alone are unique.

One last comment. The #IV prototype was later re-engined with a Gnome-Rhone Mistral engine, being a prototype for Romanian exports, but in Paris it had the Mercury.

So, now, I am itching to get started. Only a lumbago prevents me from sitting long in front of the bench :X:







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23 hours ago, TJTX said:

Seems as though they never trained Polish pilots to avoid using brakes in a taildragger.......

And to stay off soft fallow fields.


23 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

Six piston brembos do the trick :)

and oooover we gooooo. yippeeee BANG!  That trick is usually tough on the fin. 

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On 4/1/2020 at 6:50 PM, TJTX said:

Seems as though they never trained Polish pilots to avoid using brakes in a taildragger.......

I’m guessing since all those German soldiers crawling around, they were probably shot down.

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