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amazing cockpit / engine details and wires from Anyz


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hey guys

awesome resin detailing bits for cockpits and engines from a company called Anyz




everything from spark plugs and end connectors to levers knobs and small wheels, as well as braided line in lots of different sizes and colours

service super good too

use with confidence


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I bought some different colored braided lines from Anyz and will use them together with the resin line connectors for the braking lines of my Arado 234 build. I may follow the tip of Rick (rkranias) to push a thin wire through the line for better adjustment. They do look great and different from wire.
I bought the resin spark plugs too, but haven't used them until now. 

Cheers Rob

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Went looking again to see if the shipping restrictions have been lifted from Germany.

Yes and no. Wanted to get some spark plugs for the Eduard BMW motor on my Fw-190 build. Apparently the only shipping available to Au is via UPS, at 40 Euros a pop. That's $83 Au for a small tray of resin parts including shipping. For that price I can get the full Eduard resin combo set; motor, prop, wheels and landing gear.


Yeah, nah.

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On 6/20/2020 at 3:20 AM, Wumm said:

Thanks for that Nick...

Kicking myself for not getting their spark plug and lead sets first time around. Now also unavailable to Au for the time being.




yeah he's been a bit 'meh' as regards shipping - I sneaked in there just before he said no UK shipping because of Brexit (don't know if that's changed)

whilst the switches are very cool, the spark plugs are not drilled out and therefore pretty useless for what i had in mind (engine detailing, connectors for brake lines etc)

i just don't have the ability or the inclination for that stuff

3D parts in general will revolutionise the detailing side of our hobby i think - the regular resin guys better get on that train or in a few years they will be dinosaurs in my view, but that's for another discussion I suppose!


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