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MIG-3 "Hidden 4"

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I though it would be a good idea to have two builds on the go at work... So when I drag in my compressor from home I have a few things to paint. So this is my second Lunchtime project! Trumpeters MIG-3 kit!


For a while I been wanting this kit, as I have heard very good things about it and I have never built anything Soviet!


My planned scheme is Hidden 4 -




This MIG 3 was captured by Germans, probably in spring 1942. There are only two known photos of it and many pieces are lacking to nail the scheme down completely... So I am going to have to use some imagination to paint the camo on this one!





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So I am going to throw a Aires Pit at it as well as some Quickboost exhausts...


I was very surprised at the Aires pit... It pretty much fits straight out of the box!






No control stick is supplied with the Aires pit, so the kit one is going to be used.




Aires Pit slots nicely into place where the Trumpeter parts go..






Only complaint is the control surfaces... they are deep! I will have to add some surfacer to them...




Only place where I had an issue with the Aires pit was over the wheel wells.. I had to attack them with a file to allow the resin floor to sit correctly.






A quick dry fit...



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Nice choice, Dave.  Looks like we're finally starting to see some VVS kits on the horizon, hopefully more to follow.


Indeed! I'm looking forward to seeing a Yak 3 and La 5!

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Alas, need something a bit less PITA than a resin kit at the moment. 


I've actually been considering this very kit to tackle though...either this or Hasegawa's Dora probably.


If you do the MIG...Have you seen the MIG 3 website??? Think its sovietwarplanes.com or something along those lines... Lots of fantastic info and schemes!

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Hi Dave


Perhaps try to look up Learstang (Jason) over on LSP - he is v knowledgeable about VVS subjects, and may be able to help, if you are looking for pointers on the scheme?


Always liked the look of this plane, although apparently it was a dog :(

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Yea I saw that one too... That was the one that I was going to do... But its a early MIG 3 and the Trumpeter kit is an late... Montex did do an conversion set, but I tried to locate one but didn't have any luck!

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So my paint that I ordered finally arrived... So time to spray that pit!


The interior blue that I ordered is accually a little bit lighter than the chip made it out to be... but oh well.. it looks close-ish!





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Cockpit is fitted, fuse closed and wings are on! Just need to paint the Ins. panel before I can fit the upper cowls... But that can be next week's task during lunches. Hopefully middle of next week.. I could start throwing some colour around!







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Great progress Dave .. I'm gutted that having ordered/received the BigEd Set I went to look for it only to find that I'd forgotten that I'd sold the MiG3 I thought I still had in stock (muppet). 

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