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7.5cm Anti-Tank Gun PAK40/L46 1:35

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Ok I have just realized the paint I have painted the wheels with is a metal color. So it's got abit of a shine to it. 

I'm not happy with this so I have ordered Matt black and also a German Grey paint to use for this model and any future ones.

When they arrive. I will re paint the wheels. In the meantime Im going to do my best to get the black paint off of them.

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5 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

You do not necessarily have to remove the existing black, will you be using acrylic or enamel for the matt?

I will be using Humbrol Enamel paint.

But it's only the rings that I'm not happy with as they also had a bumpy look to them. I believe this is partly as the paint I used is also past it's best.


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Another small update.

Got the breach in and moving freely

Breach closedIMG_20201222_222819464.thumb.jpg.1e4b84ba27a96d8d70ac73ae3000e536.jpgIMG_20201222_222952531.thumb.jpg.fa035e699488f75a4bcfa06b9398047f.jpg

Breach Open



I am incredibly happy with this small detail. As it was very fiddly to get in place and took a fair bit of fiddling and adjustment.

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Ok have done some small details and mostly been painting parts.IMG_20201223_004136129.thumb.jpg.35d894daf7e7a3962f5690a1e19bdced.jpgIMG_20201223_004851793.thumb.jpg.113ee07ace6bdb32a01c957eab818279.jpg

stuck afew parts together as well like the mount the gun slides in and 2 parts that hold one side of that.IMG_20201223_175903927.thumb.jpg.2b62dfd115caf5c21a1c4f944edeb075.jpgIMG_20201224_152701030.thumb.jpg.39a8f5296abada7b2e48f74b064190b7.jpg

The gun can also slide pretty freely in it's cradle now as well.IMG_20201224_152706301.thumb.jpg.fbacac6cc33fd5c854834a5e65b0eba5.jpgIMG_20201224_152713232.thumb.jpg.b2eee418ce37338e5fd752a1046572cc.jpg

Sadly lost most of the time I had planned to spend today doing this model. Trying to fix the lights on my car. At least that's done now so back to making tanks and stuff.

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