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  1. Thanks all for the comments!! Dave I might try your suggestion about the split and shim. Work continues. Pics tomorrow. Tim
  2. Here are the results.. it's a reasonable match... actually not too bad! I've got something to work with now.. As mentioned earlier I haven't tidied up the Hasegawa nose but here's how it looks blutack'ed to the Tamiya kit Still, it's not 100% match and the Hasegawa nose seems a fraction narrower, and some work will be required to align the curvature of the cowling and fuel tank cover.. Overall I'm very pleased so far. All things considered it's a pretty good match and the conversion seems feasible so far.. All comments, suggestions & criticism are welcome. Cheers, Tim.
  3. As previously mentioned I'll start with the risky bit first - grafting the Hasegawa nose on the Tamiya kit. Time to get the tools out. I've sprayed a visible colour (primer) to mark where the cut is required. I'll cut behind this line using a hobby saw and then file back to the line. The Hasegawa nose is off now and I haven't tidied up the edges but it's good enough to see how it'll match the Tamiya fuselage: Tim.
  4. Time to get started.. obligatory pic of the starting kit.. no surprises here: The donor Hasegawa Mk. Vb kit is from the shelf of doom.. actually it is my first ever 1/32 kit... I had vague notions of eventually finishing it, but it will serve a better purpose now. It also has the Eduard interior set so I should be able to use a few bits and pieces for the cockpit: This is the trop boxing with the fantastic USAAF scheme of Major Levine - now this aircraft was also (incorrectly) reported as a Mk. Vc in some publications. A shame because it really is an interesting scheme. But not for this build Cheers, Tim.
  5. Thanks all for the support.. I'll definitely need it Aaron.. I'm quietly confident the Vc conversion will be easier than I feared.. let's see.. I considered using the HK Vb, which is a nice kit, but sorting out the canopy was a blocker for me.. I'll still keep the Hasegawa canopy for that purpose on a future build... Thanks Cees, that's exactly what I'm worried about.. so I'll start with that first. Thanks Dave, Kent, Dan.. now .. time to get started! Cheers, Tim.
  6. Hi all, time to get started on the Spitfire GB. After waiting patiently (to no avail) for Tamiya to release a Mk. V, I've decided to make my own. The old Hasegawa kit is fine for its age, but was not released as a Mk.Vc, and the Hobbyboss Mk.Vb has a few issues. What better starting point than the Tamiya Mk.IXc? After all, the first Mk.IX's were converted from the Mk.V airframe. I'm building a Spitfire Mk.Vc Trop - I haven't decided on the scheme yet, but clearly it will be something from the Mediterranean or Pacific theatres. Suggestions/ideas are welcome. in the literal sense this build is a Tamigawa - I'll be using parts from the old Hasegawa kit to backdate the Tamiya Mk.IXc. I haven't compiled an exhaustive list yet - but there are a number of changes required to make a reasonably accurate Mk.Vc Trop: - Mk.IXc had a longer nose to accommodate the Merlin 60 series engine - Spinner and 3 blade prop (DeHavilland or Rotol)- this will depend on the scheme chosen - Fishtail exhausts - Tropical air intake filter - oil cooler arrangement (underwing) - various minor changes in the cockpit (eg. addition of headrest, IFF transmitter) - cannons? not sure - Elevators and rudder material/composition ? Research continues. Material used for this build - HGW harness - Aires Mk.IXc cockpit (apparently for a later Mk.IXc - changes will be required to backdate to Mk V) - decals/masks - TBD - Tamiya Mk.IXc kit - Hasegawa Mk.Vb Trop kit - other - TBD The biggest challenge for me will be shortening the nose. I covered this in an earlier post here: http://forum.largescalemodeller.com/topic/3691-converting-the-tamiya-spitfire-mkixc-to-mkvc-trop-feasibility/ I've decided to graft the Hasegawa nose complete with trop filter. They should matchup reasonably ok and it means that rescribing and riveting of the nose will be necessary. Hopefully it also means no issues with the exhausts, cowls, spinner and prop. Stay tuned! Cheers, Tim
  7. Sounds like a reason to crack open the B-25.
  8. That is strange with the cowling fit. Definitely one of the very few painpoints with the Tamiya spits. Hmm.. cowling off and engine on display !?!?
  9. It would be great to see a Tamiya do a griffon spit.. Mk 22/24 would be nice too! And while they're at it - P-51B/C.
  10. Thanks nmayhew and kagemusha for the info and advice. Thanks Benjamin.. That`s good to know. Glad the Hasegawa nose looks like a reasonable fit. Yeh it seems the hobbyboss spit nose could be too flat!? Hmm.. Ok. Plan A. I`ll try shortening the Tamiya cowling first. Plan B: hasegawa nose. Cheers Cees. Hopefully I can do it justice!
  11. Thanks both! brilliant -thanks for the info. I hadn't considered the Revell kit as a donor parts. I'm keen to use the Tamiya kit as the starting point. Oh will be one for the Spitfire GB here .. hopefully starting reasonably soon Tim
  12. All, any thoughts/advice on converting the Tamiya IXc to a Vc (trop)? Has anyone done this? Given the earliest actual IXc's were converted from Mk V airframes this makes logical sense however the biggest challenge in kit form would be shortening the nose. (the mk V with Merlin 45 engine had a shorter nose). Any advice on how to make this work? (and actually look correct!) Options - grafting the hobbyboss (or Hasegawa) Mk. Vb trop nose - cutting/shortening the tamiya cowling parts (and sorting out a trop filter, exhausts, 3 blade prop & spinner etc) - other?? Lots of other changes required of course.. but, to me, the complex bit would be shortening the nose and getting everything to align. Doable? Or should I pray to Tamiya for a Vc kit instead... It would be less work to convert the Hobby Boss or Hasegawa Vb kits.. but that wouldn't be the point.. cheers, Tim
  13. Excellent Rick. Epic build and well done on the 2nd place.
  14. hahah yes.. agree with you on the dragon kit.. I completed the F-6D version a few years back.. very frustrating build, especially considering the quality of their other offerings. Back to the Spitfire
  15. Mike, what are your thoughts on this kit?
  16. Welcome Marek. Excellent build. Weathering and photography are great. Tim
  17. Great work so far Dave. Bent prop came out nicely. I like the aires pit too.. Especially the paintwork on the harness. Nice!
  18. Excellent work so far. Mottling looks great. Judicious use of artistic license
  19. Yes.... Persistence. I share your frustration with this kit... Well done so far. IP looks great.
  20. A whole lotta work so far Kent! looking great. can't wait for the paint to go on. I'm hoping to start on a Mk IX for this GB very soon... you and Ralph are keeping it going! Tim
  21. excellent work. very classy build. great weathering. Tim
  22. Turned out very nicely. Excellent work on the cockpit!
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