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  1. Fantastic Bevan... very very nice. I agree with Aaron's comments about the late war scheme - awesome work.
  2. very nicely done. sharp. superb weathering.
  3. Excellent work. I love the Hasegawa P-40 kit. Good recovery on the decals!
  4. Excellent Ted.. very very nice. I like the others am waiting the final pics
  5. Excellent choice.. some great Ta152 builds happening now.. coincidently I picked up this kit last week.. the 'manga' boxing which of course also has the normal decals. Dave I liked your idea about the ZM group build!
  6. Welcome Mish and great work on the Spit and P-51 in particular. Sorry to hear about the decal issue!
  7. I'm very late in seeing this.. wow. absolutely superb. Excellent woodwork indeed.
  8. Excellent work again - cheers Ralph. Great scheme too
  9. Nice build Ralph. I really should try armour.
  10. Excellent work Dave. Not too shabby!
  11. Cool build Ralph. hmm.. tempting kit. great job!
  12. Looks superb Ben. Watching with interest!
  13. Great work so far, especially the cockpit. Will be good to see the camo colours on! I have the 1/48 s/h spit vc raaf in the stash - it also looks like a lotta work.
  14. Jeroen, superb work - this kit is now #1 on my wishlist! Fantastic natural metal finish. One of the best.
  15. Great build John. I love the scheme too..!
  16. Thanks Paul.. ! yeh... I found the fit of the cowlings to be ordinary.. very fiddly and difficult to get them to sit right... perhaps exacerbated by use of the eduard PE sealing strips(?) ..
  17. Wohoo!! The end of a long and extremely enjoyable build.. my modeling skills have improved enormously since I started... and still more to improve Some interim pics. I will (try) to take some 'proper' final pics post in the finished builds section - in the meantime All comments welcome.. ! Tim
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