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  1. Hi Jacek - welcome to the forum. Excellent work - so much detail. Beautiful. Engine work is first class.
  2. Looks fantastic Doug. Congrats on a great finish.
  3. wow - very, very nice. And welcome to the forum!
  4. Excellent work.. looks superb. Love the work on the exhaust stains, wheels, undercarriage etc! wohoo!!
  5. Superb build. Love it! I'll look out for the article.. I'd love to build this aircraft too.. Tim
  6. Yep Paul. It was a plastic seat made from phenolic resin and usually left unpainted. Spitfires were fitted with both metal and plastic seats. I haven't seen many metal seats tho...
  7. Great work Brad! Really nice build. Nice paintwork. Agreed.. it's not a bad older kit.
  8. Fuselage halves together... wings dryfitted.. it's taken a while to get to this point! It's been a hugely enjoyable build so far.. Engine still needs a few touch ups. You might remember I had the Eduard PE set for ignition wiring, fuel lines, etc - but I wasn't happy with the result and I didn't use much in the end.. however I did add a little wiring myself.. All comments, criticism and feedback is welcome! Cheers.. Tim.
  9. Thanks Ralph! I've finished the cockpit now. Still plenty more that could be done.. more wiring, weathering, etc. I'll save that for next time. Cockpit was painted with Tamiya, Vallejo, Gunze. FYI the seat was painted Gunze H-47 Red-Brown . Weathering was fairly simple - gloss coat, followed by an oil wash and flat coat. (Same approach for the HGW belts). Getting ready to button up the fuselage halves!
  10. They're great Paul - labour intensive but worth it.
  11. Once again.. back to the Spitfire. This sounds like deja vu.. Engine is mostly done. Still some finishing touches. Cockpit work is now mostly complete. This is the kit cockpit with - Barracuda seat - Barracuda cockpit upgrade (control stick, throttle and retract quadrant, stencils, oxygen hose (not shown in these pics) - HGW harness Thanks for watching! All comments welcome.
  12. Mike.. I know the feeling.. my time in Hong Kong will finish at end of the year.. then.. back to Australia. (Melbourne) I'll try to squeeze in more travel this year.. hopefully another Japan trip. Yes.. stock up on Mr. Color! Mr. Color thinner.. that's what I'll stock up
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