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  1. Thanks Dave, Rick.. Nearly done.. exhausts, undercarriage done... bombs, bits 'n pieces... All comments welcome..! Tim
  2. Thanks Jonathan..! Problems fixed.. paint touch up applied and stickers on! The gunze GX gloss was great. polished it back and applied the barracuda decals, which were fantastic but there does appear to be an error in the instructions..? To cut a long story short I had to use the tamiya fuselage roundels.. sigh Weathering in progress. Fairly simple - quick and easy approach - an oil filter (payne's grey, dark brown mix) which of course also gives you a nice panel wash. Underside in-progress pic below.. (note the unweathered wheel wells.. I haven't forgotten..) Some photos from the bench below.. All comments welcome.. Tim
  3. Thanks All!! Dave.. Paul, I'll try the mr color gx clear (which is readily available in HK). Stay tuned! Checkpoint... slow going but progress still... White theatre markings are applied (gunze flat white) and minor disaster - in my haste I foolishly did not adequately mask the upper wing surfaces. More touch ups required! Also for some reason on this build I've had lots of issues with paint lifting up with the (tamiya) masking tape... again - more touch ups required. Perhaps I didn't clean/prepare the surfaces properly. More lessons in not rushing!! Here's how it currently looks (ipad pics) All comments welcome. Now... time to fix these issues..
  4. hahaha.. ! Jonathan - you really must get one.. or two. it is the most beautiful kit I've built by a country mile. I'm nearly there Dave... just gotta apply the white theatre markings and gloss coat... speaking of which I'm not sure what I'll use for the gloss.. i've been using future lately but it's been cracking... ?
  5. More Ralph Rieser magic very good to see you do a P-40.
  6. Excellent work - thanks for sharing! wow - rivetting this kit must take some time..!
  7. Beautiful airbrush work Mike. Excellent work all round.
  8. Excellent build Ralph! Really nice weathering on the engine cowls, exhausts etc!
  9. Excellent build John. Gorgeous Mustang. I really want to build this kit soon... not sure whether to tackle the ZM kit first.
  10. Fantastic finish - very clean. Nice touches like the fuel tank lines. Congrats!
  11. Thanks Bevan..! Hopefully I do it justice. A public holiday in HK today and the opportunity for some bench time. Top colours applied - Mr Color 330 (Dark Green) and for Ocean Gray - Mr Color 331 60% / white 40% ish. Gray coat was also post-shaded with a lightened base colour. Dark Green - not yet. Camo demarcation was airbrushed freehand. There a few spots I'll touch up - mainly on the starboard side. Also the top fuselage seam has popped up - will take care of that shortly. WIP on the bottom pic. Next stage - more post shading, tidy up, leading edge stripes on the wings, tail unit, overpainting the standard roundel locations, etc. Lots to do on this scheme... All comments, criticism and feedback is welcome. Cheers, Tim
  12. Painting in progress. I'll be using Mr. Color - my favourite - great results and sprays beautifully. Matching the colours may be an issue - although this scheme starts with the standard dark green & and ocean gray over medium seagray - Let's see. Starting with a rough pre-shade.. Followed by Mr Color C335 Medium Seagray , and post-shading with a lightened C335 (mixed with flat white). It does seem to be a little too dark... thoughts? All comments, criticism and feedback is welcome. Cheers, Tim
  13. Wow I can't believe it's 11 months since I started this build! Only one month remaining for the Pacific War GB. Time to finish this off. I'll attach all the cowling and get ready for painting.. (as others have pointed out.. the cowling fit is not spectacular and a bit fiddly.. one of the compromises of having detachable cowls, I suppose_
  14. I'll be following. and.. nice to see the new Revell Spitfire kit!! looking forward to the review!
  15. Excellent job Cees.
  16. Excellent choice with the Tiffie! By the way, when is the kit released? Can't be too far away?
  17. Thanks Erik - this will be a great GB. I'm in. now.. what to build?
  18. Very nice indeed. Very good result with the scratching.
  19. Excellent work - very sharp. Would love to see more pics!
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