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Mk XVIII Tse-Tse Mosquito 1/32 conversion?

Vandy1 VX-4

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Hello everyone!!!! 
      I was wondering if anybody did do the conversion for this for the Tamiya kit?  That is a 1/32 scale   Mk XVIII Tse-Tse Mosquito     For the Tamaya kit?  I thought we would see one by now at least with all the 3-D printing going

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10 hours ago, harv said:

I have a barrel...I know Carl was working on one at one time.....harv

Yup, I started on one. Got everything but the shell ejection port made. I need to get to it one day. 

IMG_20180720_002802-600x450.jpg IMG_20180722_220254-600x450.jpg IMG_20180722_223330-600x450.jpg




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10 minutes ago, Vandy1 VX-4 said:

Nice work Carl.  I like to see more of your future work on this soon!!!  I wish you would make a conversion set for this too!!! 

Thanks! The Tamiya kit lends itself to a conversion as just about everything would be swapping out kit parts. The biggest hurdle might be the extra armour that goes on either side of the nose and wing rads. You'd have to make them from sheet styrene. 

I asked Harold if he was interested in making moulds from the boys when I was done initially. Might have to check in with him when I get them done. 


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12 minutes ago, Vandy1 VX-4 said:

A simple Photo Etch  for the Armor would work  don’t you think?   As a stencil for 
 Strip styrene and sheet too! 

That certainly would work nicely. 

I want to get my Tiger Meet CF-18 going and then I'll take another crack at finishing the bits for the Tse Tse.


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