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“LET’S GET WET!” GROUP BUILD IS NOW ON. JAN 1, 2023 - July 1, 2023 ×

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How do you do those Wiring loom?



Used various sizes of Round Lead Wire (RLW) and Flat Lead Wire (FLW) from UMM-USA.  I bought a few packs a each size ranging 0.2 thru 0.6mm RLW and 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 FLW.  These seem to fit my needs at this time.  I tend to use the 0.2 and 0.3 RLW often but its always nice to have other sized to pick from.


What is nice about Lead Wire is the ease which they can be bent, especially for cockpit wiring.  Electronic and Fly Fishing wire is good for things like Ignition Wire, noting they do not behave very well when bending into an area with a tight fit.


In this case I used 0.3mm Round Lead Wire and 0.2mm Flat Lead Wire.


Cut 5 lengths of 0.3mm RLW about 8 inches long and lay touching side by side.  You can pick up and hold between thumb and index finger.  Using CA glue and a small brush or micro brush add a small dab on an area about 2 inches away from your fingers.  Have some CA debonder on hand.  Capillary action will glue a spot.  After the first CA application dried repeat on 1 or 2 more spots.  Done!  Now you have a length of 8 inches of wiring loom and can easily cut to your desired length.


You may also take 3 or 4 lengths of RLW and twist (think candy cane) to create a round wire loom.


Using the FLW I cut 2 pieces about 3 inches long and wrapped around the wire loom.  When at desired position ad a drop of CA glue and you are ready to paint and highlight with a wash.


Good luck.  Hope this helps.  I will photograph next time I make some wiring looms.

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Thanks so much for the wiring advice. I've been doing research on the wiring and tubing of the Ju88 landing gear bay and struts so intend to use it as my first foray into that skill.

My wire has tons of hobby wire in a million sizes, shapes and colors, "see picture" but will visit Home Depot for solder as I can see where that would form easier.

I'll forward you picks as I progress.




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  • 4 weeks later...



When I first test fitted the Planet Model FW190c conversion I noticed the fuselage was slightly warped at the tailplane.  No problem, right?  A little hot water and the shape was corrected.  No problem, right?


Fuselage glued, wings glued.  Some putty, sanding and scribing on deck,  No problem, right?  Spidey sense is tingly.



Ready for some more?  Look carefully at the alignment of the stabilizers.  The starboard plug is about 2mm higher than the port side...the hits just keep on coming.





                                                                                                                                                                                               Image credit Doogs'

This build is really testing me.  There is some more major surgery in my future! 


Engine and cockpit fit turned out ok.  Well, so it seems.



No alignment pins or stringers the engine from the Hasegawa FW190D9 donor kit fit in the Planet Model fuselage with little fuss and alignment.



HGW belts used and am not sure on final position of the left harness.  TBD.



Have a tailplane solution figured and hope to get to work on it in a few days.

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Rick my first experience with resin aftermarket parts was with my current Ju88 build and I must say I wasn't impressed!! the nose cone was alright but needed a great deal of sanding and I can't even talk about the belly gondola!!! I was awful!!

Of course I have to factor in my inexperience on the subject of resin and working with it but I would shy away from it in the future.

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Did some cutting today.



Line up cut at a seam.  Did not want to cut on a seam, this was closest to common width with the Hasegawa tail.



The twist is very clear here.  Hope I can correct when the new tail is installed.



Successfully removed the tail wheel, etc.  some minor breakage, no prob to fix.  Just some more work.  :(



Hasegawa tail cut at same panel line and is a close to match I can can get.



Comparison C Tail (below) and D Tail (above)...FICE!



FICE indeed!

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Pardon this but Holy Shit Rick you sawed the tail off your 190!!! That warp is amazing!! Is that kit all resin??

I could never do that, lol!!


here are the Planet Model resin parts.  The donor kit is a Hasegawa 190D-9.  The engine cowl, props and wheel well cover were replaced with Hasegawa parts.



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Keep at it Rick.

You are doing a great job. Solving problems is very satisfying ( and a relieve at the same time)


I agree to a point Cees.  It's a two edged sword.  I like the challenge of problem solving.  However, sometimes it just beats the enthusiasm right out of me.  I am seriously considering boxing this up and finish my Hasegawa 190A-8 and P47 Slick Chick.  Then open a Tamiya or ZM uber kit, enjoy some exceptional engineering and an OOB build.


Just sayin'.

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This challenging build has been a device of severe angst.  I lay awake at night thinking about this build.  It's time to pack away for awhile.  When my head gets cleared up I will decide whats next.  I'll get back to this build at a later date.  Need a build to rejuvenate my enthusiasm.  I'm thinking Uber/Shake 'n Bake/OOB.





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This challenging build has been a device of severe angst.  When I lay awake at night thinking about this build, then it's time to pack away for awhile.  When my head gets cleared up I will decide whats next.  Thinking Uber/Shake 'n Bake/OOB.





I'm thinking M4A3 Rick.

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  • 1 year later...



I received my FW190D9 "Tall Tail" from Hasegawa.  I cannot say enough positive comments about HAG customer service.  I have placed orders for parts (sprues) on multiple occasions and they have easily filled my order.



Cut at the panel line.



After assembly of the tail and tail wheel the new "Tall Tail" was grafted to the fuselage using stryene strips for locators and 5 minute epoxy.  The white card is a shim.  Fill/sand/scribe required later.



Going to let this cure for a few days before I touch it.

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Not happy with the spindly Planet Model supplied prop blades.  I pulled some Hasegawa FW190 prop blades from my scrap box.  These are beefier and look closer to images in the FW190 Creek/Smith publication.



A coat of RLM 70 followed by a shot of silver on the blade collar.  Using my PropMaster I aligned and glued the blades on the hub.



Prop boss dry fitted.



Another test fit with the engine cowling.

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  • 2 months later...



My Planet Model Fw190C-V18/U1Hasegawa Fw190 conversion is taking a leave of absence.  I found myself working on 3 difficult resin kits/conversions at the same time.  Frankly it was driving me nuts.  I lost my MoJo.


Planning some OOB builds, NO AM PE, NO AM RESIN.   The purpose is to get my MoJo back.  Stay tuned.

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