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P-51C racer "Thunderbird" done

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This is the Trumpeter 1/32 P-51B kit I have built as a racer from back in 1948 and 1949 competing in the Bendix race both years. Flown by Joe DeBona with Jimmy Stewart as his main sponsor. I added a Aires cockpit, Barracudacast tires, and a Tamiya prop and spinner. I also added a resin dorsal fin. Painted with Xtracolor RAF Oxford Blue. Decals are from Draw Decals. I have to say I'm enjoying building these racers! A great change of pace. :) I hope you like the results of my efforts. Please click on the 1st photo for best resolution and to view as a slide show. 😀








2-14-22 006.jpg

2-14-22 005.jpg

2-14-22 004.jpg

2-14-22 003.jpg

2-14-22 002.jpg

2-14-22 001.jpg

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5 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

Stunning paint work, Bearcat next…..

I'm glad you like it, thanks. No, no Bearcat at this time since I don't have one in the stash. I'm figuring on this one. 1/48 ICM kit. :)



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7 minutes ago, joeg said:

Hi John, another great racer! Well done. Excellent paintjob👍

Thanks you! I'm glad you like the results of my efforts. :)

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