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Windows update 8.1 copy paste error


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2014 will be my time to move to a Mac...


Me too!  I could kick myself for not doing it the last time around.  I will definitely go the Mac route as soon as I can, after all I have an iPhone and an iPad which talk to each other (and include my Windows laptop begrudgingly !!) so I ought to complete the circle. 

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Since having windows 8 I have trouble working at home. Getting logged in is a hit and miss affair.

Sometimes it takes forever or it refuses to work at all. And sometimes it performs flawlessly. What I really

hate are the updates I am not asking for but cannot avoid. How do I know what they are updating.

Really hate that.


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My new HP laptop has the Microsoft 8.1 operating system. It replaces my outdated Acer XP driven box.

So far even with the 62 years of age learning curve I'm enjoying the new laptop and 8.1. My old Acer laptop was a 10" notebook size I purchased with Holiday Inn Priority Club points years ago. While I never had a complaint with it Microsoft decided to end supporting Windows XP which marked the death nail to my beloved laptop.

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