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All of Ukraine Group Build popular choice.


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Determining the winner was extremely scientific. 
I had all the kids on our street over yesterday afternoon, and showed them the pictures. 

The results were:

KevinM’s ICM 111 with 2 votes.

Dick Clark’s Zvesda BTR with 2 votes.

PeterPools Embraer with 1 vote

Martin’s MiG-29 with 1 vote

Carl’s ICM Cobra with 1 vote.

So a tie, on to round 2…..

By a vote of 4-3, KevinM is the winner, as chosen by pre teen Texas kids.

KevinM wins his choice of:  ZM Bf-109, or the limited edition ZM F-4 Kai. Either version of the F-4 Kai can be chosen.

Model will come direct from SB, or if out of stock, from an alternate source. 

We’ll do it again in a month, guys, and thanks for participating. 

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4 minutes ago, Martinnfb said:

And I need a list of those kids involved, including their addresses and names of their pets and favourite superheroes.


Well, all the models were amazing, and quite honestly, I didn’t have a clue until it happened. An armor kit came real close, which is nice. 
It’s all in fun, and it’s a good thing

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1 hour ago, KevinM said:

May I have the same luck later this month Ernie?The He-111 was definitely going for the 1/48 scale.I DM you my address?I need to find out the story on the G-14.:D

Yep please do.  Either kit is great. The 109 is quite simply the finest and most accurate 109 kit out there, period. 
The Kai is easily the best F-4 model on the market as well.  Ask Carl, he’s done one. And is doing the 109, as is Gaz.

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