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Fiat G.55 „Centauro” 1:48 Spacjal Hobby


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While doing some organizing in my modeling stash, I came across a model of a Fiat G.55 "Centauro" sottoserie 0 in 1:48 a published by Special Hobby. The construction of it began a good few years ago. But during some work in the workshop I lost some of the finished parts and couldn't find them, and the model flew to the shelf waiting for me to find the parts. Finally, I managed to complete all the parts and you can move with the end of its construction. In such a state he was waiting for the end of work on him.





And here's a set of parts that I lost somewhere for several years.


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Searching the resources of his laptop this I managed to find some pics of the construction, here the interior of the cabin.





And the revised underside of the fuselage, the second photo from the old forum where I used to be.



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I finally managed to finish it after several years of lying around. Yesterday I fitted all the parts and this is how it looks ready on the workshop, now it remains for me to do a photo shoot and upload it to the gallery. Markings painted with Montex-mask (MM 48280), dedicated to this kit.




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After many years I finally managed to find all the parts and complete the model Fiat G.55 "Centauro" Sottoserie 0, MM 91064 "11", 1 Squadriglia "Gigi Tre Osei", 2 gruppo ANR, may 1944 in 1:48 scale published by Special Hobby, the machine is in experimental camouflage. Despite these several years of lying the model I do not remember that there were any problems with it in construction, the fit of parts very good. The only addition is montex-mask masks. Enjoy your viewing.














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