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New Kinetic Gold Series 1/48 announced.


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Since we allow 1/48 in our midst on LSM, this is an interesting, long overdue, and very welcome announcement from Kinetic Models. 
A brand new tool CT-114 Tutor in 1/48 scale should be in our midst hopefully in 2023. 
The list of Nations that flew the Tutor is low: Canada and Malaysia, but to those on this side of the Pond, it’s been an extremely common sight over North America since the 1960s. Anyone who has seen the RCAF Snowbirds perform has seen the Tutor, and since the 1960s, it was the RCAF advanced trainer until replaced by the Texan ll and the BAE Hawk.




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Supposedly this kit was developed at the request of a hobby shop in Alberta. Unfortunately the owner passed away but Raymond, the owner of Kinetic carried through on his promise to do the model.

I'll definitely be picking up at least one of them and I suspect my sons will too. 

We see the Snowbirds practically every year when they perform at the CNE. 

One year we saw them twice, once at the CNE and the other time at Brantford where the CWHM brought out their collection of airworthy planes. Including VR-A


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A lot of naysayers out there on the web over this release, but for the most part, these folks are the ones crying for an obscure 109 sub variant or such.

This kit should do very well for Kinetic, although I’d much rather see it in 1/32

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3 hours ago, Bomber_County said:

Not knowing a lot about the Tudor was this a derivative of the BAC Jet Provost?

No it was an original design. T-37, Tutor, and Jet Provost all came out around the same time and all followed similar schools of thought. 
The prevailing train of though on jet training back then was a side by side arrangement and straight wings. 
I do remember reading that the goal in designing the Tutor was to mimic the P-51 in size, performance, and handling, but with pure jet power. When the design was started, the P-51 was seen as an ideal stepping off point into the cockpits of high performance jets. 
The Tutor used a single GE J85 turbojet, which was also used in the F-5 series as well as the T-37.  
The J85 was and is the biggest drawback to the Tutor, and is by far the leading cause of airframe loss. I used to do supply runs to Moose Jaw, Sk, home of 2 FTS, and there were always 100 Tutors on the line and another 50 in the shop, split in two behind the wing with their engines pulled and being rebuilt.  
I once had an old CF-5 jock tell me that if it wasn’t for the second engine, the RCAF would have lost their entire CF-5 fleet within 10 years of introduction. 
The Tutors were less stressed, not having an afterburner and all, but every year it seemed like they lost one or two due to engine failure. 

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