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Revell P-51D "Short Fuse"

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I've been doing some prep work on this one for a week or two. I don't have a complete kit (used the nose section of one on that Trumpeter "B" a while back) but I have one coming from Scale Hobbyist which is supposed to show up Wednesday. In the mean time I've been deciding on which a/c to do and finally settled on Dick Turner's last P-51 "Short Fuse". He had this a/c after returning from a 30 day leave and after "Sallee" bailed on him. Hence the name Short Fuse and no Sallee! I've pretty much got the cockpit section done plus printed some decals with my laser printer to make the needed codes and name, etc. As soon as the kit arrives I'll be that much ahead on the build. :)

Short Fuse.jpg

1-23-23 A 001.jpg

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2 hours ago, Peterpools said:


Nice start on your next P-51 - as you surely have the Revell issues solved and under control. Alway appreciate the bio, which adds to the build.


Thanks Peter. I agree. Extra info always adds something to it. :)

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Cockpit ready for install when the kit shows up. I wanted to use a Tamiya instrument panel which has a better look but I found I don't have the needed instrument decals for it. So I used the Revell IP which looks "okay".

1-24-23 A 001.jpg

1-24-23 A 002.jpg

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