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So my wife is cutting back on her wine to one bottle per day…..


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And she brings this home.


I kid..I kid. 

I actually found it locally on eBay and it didn’t sell. Contacted the seller, met her yesterday and bought it cash in hand.  I had no idea it was still full of wine. But the cork leaks, so it’s 6 liters of vinegar I’m sure. 
Going to make an “Art Deco” light fixture with it.  I have a high wall separating the kitchen from the family room that does not go to the ceiling.  
well, here. Here’s a pic. 

I’m going to build a bottle holder with it tilted down and hanging over the ledge.  I’ll have to drill  a hole in the bottom of the bottle, run a wire through it and let it hang down about 3’-4’ and put a hanging light socket on it.  
I bought one of those huge Edison bulbs with the twisty LED filaments inside it I’ll use. 
I was shocked when the wife was on board with my crazy artistic plan.  And when I told her I was going to replace the wall sconce in the stairwell with a similar bulb and using an old glass power line insulator, she didn’t blink an eye. 
See guys, this is the trick.  Start with “art” she likes. By the time I’m done, I’ll have that 116” wingspan Stearman hanging upside down in the family room up here!  It’s 19’ to the peak. 

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When Sue and I got married, we had one bottle of red wine for the whole party. It was the same 6 litre size. Our guests couldn't believe they made them that big. We still have the bottle along with some others. I'll grab a pic later. 

Great idea on the light fixture. Please show us how you do it. Especially when it comes time for the Stearman. :D


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Those big bottles are hard to find around here.  Seller had it listed for $80.  I paid her $60 for it and had to drive almost an hour one way.  
I’ve got a friend that works for the local beer, wine and liquor distributor. She said she thinks they have one in the back, but still cannot find it. 

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When I was in the Dominican Republic in 2010, I saw giant bottles of American whiskey like that in the super market - they made that wine bottle look small. They were easily 3 feet tall and had a hinged metal stand so you could pour them. If there had been a way to get that on the plane......

And very cool idea on the light fixture! Make sure to post when it's done.

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5 hours ago, biggtim said:

I wouldn't know a good wine if it bit me. They all taste like crap to me, so I guess I'm just too unsophisticated to tell the difference.

I worked at a wine agency for a few years. At the Christmas party one year, the owner comes over and asks what we are drinking as one of the opened bottles of wine has gone off. We all are drinking the same wine so one of asks if this is the one. He takes a sniff and says yup it's bad, and gets us all new glasses. After trying the new glass we're standing around quietly when one of the drivers says what we're all thinking: " I prefer the bad one":D

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