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Tamiya Spitfire Mk XVIe

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Absolutely amazing. Did you use salt fading for these?

Hi no I use paint and a mix of clear lacquer and color mix so I have some more time to get the right shading.

And with aquarelle pencils the matt finish makes it possible to write on the paint and use a damp brush to flush it in to the back ground and close it up with a matt finish.

I agoign to do the same with the Bf109 later on

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Hi Johan,


Looking great! If I may be honest en constructive: I'm not really a fan of the weathering on the underside of the wings. Gives me a bit too much the feeling of a Mondriaan painting with those dark squares...? But the rest:  :unworthy:


I really like the fluid trails from the fuselage tank and the skid 'n' scrape marks on the wingroot. Can you tell me how you did those?





Edit: Oh, wait, you've posted the WIP-link. I'll read that first!

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