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P-47 - Trumpter - 1/32 - "Sigma Nu Girl"

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I am ready to position this one in the cabinet feels good to get her finished!I learned a bit with this one using mask and more weathering I have like 8 more mask coming from Hannants.Thanks for looking in guys and the support along the way even a trumpter can look OK.;)

P-47 001.JPG

P-47 002.JPG

P-47 003.JPG

P-47 004.JPG

P-47 005.JPG

P-47 006.JPG

P-47 007.JPG

P-47 008.JPG

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6 hours ago, PanzerWomble said:

That’s a very nice jug , subtle weathering . A good recovery from the SOD ! 

Thanks Guy one day I will get to the way of you Tanker's on weathering.;)

5 hours ago, GazzaS said:

Very nice finish, Kevin!  A beauty for sure.

Thanks Gary still have that idea about a base buzzing in the head.;)

1 hour ago, ScottsGT said:

Beautiful Kevin!  Glad to see another brought back to life from the SOD. 

It was a better save than was expected Scott thanks!;)

1 hour ago, DocRob said:

The jug looks more than ok, Kevin. Haven't seen an overall olive drab one for a long time. Weathering looks spot on

Thanks Rob I keep trying to push that weathering envelope I have another one of these in the stash probably will be NMF.;)

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21 hours ago, Martinnfb said:

Really nice work Kevin 👍

I appreciate that Martin,;)

3 hours ago, KUROK said:

Excellent work on that Jug!

Thanks Kurok this one was on the shelf for about three years and my first attempt with mask.I now have about 8  more sets have come in since this build was finished.;)

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