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The Great LSM Twins Group Build ends July 3, 2024 ×

Revell Razor Crest - Finished

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I wanted to join in this Group Build and while contemplating what to build, I didn't want to get into something too detailed because of the other models that I have started which I want to keep moving forward on. So, one day while contemplating it, this came to mind. I picked this kit last March while we were in Phoenix and stopped by Andy's. When I saw he had these, I just had to get one. The other kit that I bought was the F4U-1D in the other build thread.




The first order of work was to try to match the paints that I have to be close to the Revell paint numbers called out in the instructions. I'll have to remember to mark down any changes that I make along the way to try to keep it sort of matching. Obviously, there is a lot of silver paint. I'll see what I can start with, it's rainy here today and the forecast has it into Monday, so I can't do any airbrushing. I'm thinking that I'll just use the decals for the yellow markings, but as I look at it, perhaps I'll change my mind and try masking and painting. I still have to decide whether I'll build it with gear down or up.


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Thank you, folks! Peter, that was part of the choice, I thought it would be 'different'. But it's something to build OOB too. All my other twins would have had some sort of detail additions to them.

Since it was raining all day yesterday, and I couldn't paint on my other projects, I thought I'd clean up some parts and get them ready for painting. So it wasn't raining this afternoon, so a bunch of things were painted. Most of these parts have some additional hand painting or masking and painting, but it's a start. I have a board with the paint booth exhaust attached that I put in the window when I paint. I don't like having it in place when it's raining. To start with the outside of the board gets wet, but that is also the side of the house that seems to have the wind against it too.


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Okay, some progress.

I had to dig out the Ooooooooooooooooold bottle of Solvaset and use a brush to poke the decals down over the detail. Microsol just wasn't doing it. Onward!





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I imagine that the cockpit decal won't be very visible and will be sufficient. The decals do not match up with the raised detail that is in the molding. Also, on the attached side wall, the left end, the metallic item on the blue column, the instructions show a matching metallic item on the opposite column too. It is molded in, so.....

Again, I'm not sure what is going to be visible in there even with the side doors open.

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Thanks guys!

Here's a quick way to use 2/3 of a bottle of aluminum paint. :rolleyes: Some other colors mixed in too.


Now I need to do some research about possibly changing up some of the panels. Perhaps a few scorch marks too.


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Thanks for the suggestion, PW, I had wanted to try that, so I've ordered some from a local online seller. He's about an hour away but doesn't have a physical store front. I could arrange to pick it up, I think, but it's still ~an hour away.

I've masked and painted some varied panels with different metals. The base color is SMS Aluminum, and the other colors are various MRP metal colors. The landing gear wells are blue and when I was pulling the masking off, I realized that I forgot about masking and painting the nose gear well. :wallbash:


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