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Bandai PG 1/60 RX-178 Gundam MkII

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Ok, here's probably my favourite mecha from the Gundam universe. It's the A.E.U.G. version of the RX-178 Gundam MkII.  As part of Bandai's Perfect Grade series of kits, it's in 1/60 and has the most moving features ("gimmicks" they like to call them,) in the kit. Also the highest price tag. This one came out in 2001 and has been lurking in my stash since about that time. 

Here's the box. 


It's about as big as one of Tamiya's 1/32 jet kits so a decent size. 

Most sprues are moulded in colour so it could be built OOB without paint. In fact there's a subset of Gundam builders who do exactly that. For the rest of us, Mr Color makes matched paints in both acrylic and lacquer. 

Shortly after I picked up the kit, I started on building the kit but only got as far as the frame for the arms. 


Time to pick up from there. 

First thing was airbrushing all the parts in their respective colours. 



There's more but these are the ones I needed to finish the arms. 


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Here's some of the sprues getting painted. Bandai groups all the same coloured sprues together when number them which makes it easier to find stuff. 


As posted in the 'What's on your bench?" thread, here's one sprue where Bandai manages to mould moving parts in a single piece. 

The fingers can all bend at the individual digits. 


Here's the wrist mount. 


Removed from the sprue, you can see the articulation possible. 





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Posted (edited)

Time for some actual assembly. 

First up, I got the arms assembled to the point where they matched. 


Then I started on the armour sections. 


Inner side to the shoulder armour. 


Inspection by the carpet (lap really) monster. 


Then the arms with the first set of armour bits on. 


For the paint job, I did some post shading to add some depth and break up all the white. 


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Fix pic.
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Posted (edited)

It seems I missed a couple parts of the armour that go around the forearms as well as some trim in yellow for the shoulders. These were duly painted. 


Then installed.



Next up was the hands. Each ad previously mentioned had individual fingers and thumbs with full articulation. 



They were then snapped into place on the arms. 


Peace out!


Everything 's A-OK! 



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Thanks Martin! The plain white would have been just too stark. I'm planning on  doing some washes as well to further highlight some of the details that are hard to see. 

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It's leg time. Starting at the bottom with the feet. First up was this but which I don't know what you'd call the corresponding but of human anatomy. The upper foot area near the ankle.





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More parts for the feet. 


I cut them from the sprue, trim and sand them and then do touchup painting before assembly. The parts have too many layers to do painting after assembly. 

Bandai include some segmented metal chains for added detail. 




First completed foot. 



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Hip joint is next. 


Followed by a pile of bits to make the upper legs. 



One section done with the parts for the second beside it. 


Then all the outer armour sections. Everything is trimmed and ready for post shading and touch ups which I'll do today. PXL_20240518_215646581.thumb.jpg.157ee58bb8cf729dec530236c5cc5c48.jpg

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Looking good. The part count is impressive - even the Lego Bionicles my son played with didn't have that many pieces! The chains are a nifty touch.

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19 hours ago, GusMac said:

Looking good. The part count is impressive - even the Lego Bionicles my son played with didn't have that many pieces! The chains are a nifty touch.

Thanks Gus! Definitely a lot of parts in this build. Part of it is all the moving bits and the way they've made it so you don't need to mask anything if you paint it. 

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I got the legs finished off. 

First up was the second foot. I also added the ankles to them. 


Then the legs inner frame was completed. 


As g this point I started on the detail bits to the armour panels. There are a set of movable vanes that go on the calves. 



These are attached to a retractable radiator section. 




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The rest of the exterior panels/armour go on next. Here's the first leg down next to the parts for the second. 


A mobility test. 


The second leg done. 


The open panels on the calves. 


Closeup showing the radiator assembly. 


So far I've only used cement on 2 pieces. It's all press fit or screws. 

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Never followed a Gundam build. But your detailed kit seems to be a very interesting building experience, Carl. I like your weathering approach, as many non weathered robot kits look a bit boring.

Cheers Rob

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Time for an update. 

First up, I got the head all done. 


There's a clear bit to direct light from the LED to the eyes and the light on top. 

The "skull" I guess you'd call it. 


Outer panels in place. 


Opened up. 


And completed with the antenna in place. 


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Cockpit time! 

Seat and controls first. 


With the pilot in place. 


Mounted to the inner cockpit ball.


In the anime, the cockpit has a full 360° HUD. PXL_20240526_000224243.thumb.jpg.613fd71fc9916d49e8d9c27606b9656a.jpg

Outer walls in place. 


Hatch open. 


Cockpit in its frame. 


Fur back to her place of honour. 



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On 5/28/2024 at 9:06 PM, belugawhaleman said:

Great work Carl!. Never knew these things had cockpits.....I thought, somehow,  they were autonomous.

Paul, most have cockpits in them. I don't think autonomous mechs have become a thing until much more recently. 

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On 5/28/2024 at 10:11 PM, CANicoll said:

OMG!  How many pieces are in this kit????  Looks fantastic!

Chris, according to the box, 

- 739 plastic parts on 32 sprues

- 35 screws

- 3 springs

- 10 metal chains



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16 minutes ago, CANicoll said:

739 plastic parts, yep.  3 Springs, ok.  35 screws um, sure.  

Wait, what?  10 CHAINS???

Those are the gold ones that are on the legs. 4 per leg. Two behind the knee and two more at the ankle. 


The last two are on the jet pack which I'm in the midst of building. 

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Posted (edited)

I got a lot more done on the Gundam. 

With the cockpit assembled, I could start on the rest of the main body. 

The upper waist section.  The four legs will pivot and move with the waist.


I was just working along so the progress is going to jump a bit. 

The upper body went together around the cockpit. 



The open cockpit hatches. 


The wiring for the head and cockpit runs out the back. 



They're them attached in place. 


This is all covered up by the backpack which will contain the batteries. 


At this point the arms go on. 



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