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This is the 'other' project on my table. 
The WNW SE5a. A full article will appear in 'Art of Modelling' magazine, so I can only show you a few pictures. 

In the mean time, I finished up the weathering and the top wing is on as well. Now I'm about to start the rigging proces. 














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Wow - That's terrific Flip .... I love what I can see of the cockpit and those "household" type of switches etc.  Cees is bang on the mark, the cleanliness of your work is a credit that we can all, well me anyway, strive for!

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thanks guys! :-)

Here's a picture of the engine. Originally, I wanted to leave the cowling off, but ham fisted as I sometimes can be, I dropped the engine one day, damaging it to the point that I couldn't repair it without masking the damage completely.  At least I still have the picture :-)


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